Glenn K. Lockwood ca. 2012

Glenn K. Lockwood, Ph.D.

Principal Engineer

Azure HPC and AI

Microsoft Corporation


I am a principal engineer at Microsoft where I am responsible for bringing a workload-centric view to systems design for the largest AI supercomputers being built in Azure. Prior to working at Microsoft, I was a systems architect at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where I helped define long-term storage strategy, designed a 35 PB NVMe Lustre file system, and managed the team responsible for hundreds of petabytes of disk and tape.

I worked in the genomics industry previous to that, and my formal education is in ceramic engineering. More information about my current and past work can be found on LinkedIn and Google Scholar, and excruciating details about my life are in my biography.

This site contains various notes I've taken related to technical computing over the years. I welcome any feedback about its contents at the e-mail address listed at the bottom of every page. You can also find me on Twitter, (chat and Mastodon), and in the #hpc channel on Libera.

High-Performance Computing

I've worked in high-performance computing since 2012, and this section contains notes and guides I've written in that capacity. I try to retire links to pages once they have fallen out of date, so things tend to come and go from this section as technologies (and my areas of work) evolve.

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Computing

High-Performance Storage

General HPC

Performance & Benchmarks

This section contains a number of disjoint pieces revolving around performance analysis.

I also have a set of pages on Hadoop and Parallel Computing with R that I host for posterity, but I haven't used either of these since 2014 and those guides are likely out of date.

Materials Science

When I was a student I maintained a variety of notes about different topics relevant to ceramic engineering, in which I got my undergraduate degree. I've re-uploaded them here for posterity.

Hobbies & Personal Stuff

This section contains notes and tutorials that I've written related to my personal interests and hobbies outside of work.

Embedded & Edge Computing


System & OS Configuration

Personal Stuff