Glenn K. Lockwood

Glenn K. Lockwood, Ph.D.

Advanced HPC Technologies

Oakland, California

I am a computational scientist and specialist in high-performance computing systems. In my previous life, I did research in computational materials science and studied the chemical physics of water/silica interfaces with molecular dynamics simulation. I also spent some time working in the DNA sequencing industry helping to connect bioinformaticians with the computational resources their work demanded. More information about me is available on my CV and on LinkedIn.

This site contains various notes I've taken related to technical computing over the years. I welcome any feedback about its contents at the e-mail address listed at the bottom of every page, and I can also be found in #hpc on freenode.

Note that the contents of this site are my own personal thoughts and views and are in no way representative of my employers, their sponsors, or the United States government.

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