Glenn K. Lockwood
Glenn K. Lockwood, Ph.D.

I used to be a consultant and specialist in data-intensive computing specialist in the field of high-performance computing. Before that, I was a materials scientist doing research in computational materials science where I studied water/silica interfaces with molecular dynamics. More information about me is available on my CV and on LinkedIn.

This site contains various notes I've taken over the course of the aforementioned two careers with an emphasis on my tenure at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). I should emphasize that the contents of this site do not reflect the advice or endorsement of SDSC, and all files, guides, and notes are my own and are wholly unsupported. I no longer work at SDSC, so for official help, I strongly recommend contacting .

With that being said, I welcome any feedback about the contents of this site. My email address is listed above and at the bottom of every page, and I also am an active contributor in #hpc on freenode.

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Many of these files are now hosted on my GitHub repository.